How it Works:

Insects inside your home are a nuisance and worse! They leave pheromone or scent trails as they travel through your house laying a path for other insects to follow. Our line of powder traps stop this entry/exit cycle by capturing and quickly burying pests in our patented lightweight powder, halting the invasion before it starts.

  • ONE

    Powder traps use the insect’s own natural behaviour and non-toxic lures to draw bugs in.

  • TWO

    Once inside the bugs are coated in a lightweight powder which stops the pests from climbing or flying out.


    The all-natural powder acts like quicksand, quickly burying the bugs leaving no odor, buzzing noise, or mess.

Eco-friendly, Quicksand Bug Traps

For Cluster Flies, Ladybugs and Ants.

Powder Trap uses a patented, lightweight Quicksand powder made from eggshells to quickly capture insect pests without toxins. Our traps last up to ten times longer than other products and require little or no maintenance. After years of research and over 250,000 happy customers, our patented powder traps make quick work of problem bugs.

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