Reviews and Testimonials


Inventor’s Note: Below you will find a couple of dozen notes out of hundreds we receive each year.

When reading them, please consider that these Folks have paid only a fraction of what any other option available anywhere would cost - with a few differences:    They found Relief! from The Problem(s) within minutes / They didn’t have to move out ... / They don’t spend countless hours burning out vacuum cleaners / They don’t have critters in their food, or their beds / They are no longer hesitant to invite guests / They are no longer being “Driven Crazy!” by the Buzzing and the Mess

      - or “... contemplating selling the house”.

 ~ In fact most Folks actually forget they ever had The Problem, because these devices last 2, then 4, then often 6* years! - when used as The PowderTrap SYSTEM☀

~ A PowderTrap® in each and every Problem window removes the critters during the day, preventing them from going to the lights when the Sun goes down, and then returning to the cracks & refreshing the pheromone trails that just keep saying:

       “Hey guys - This is the way in!       

       ☀ You have Broken the Cycle! ☀

 * It pays you, to have spares on hand to immediately replace the few traps that fill up first and prevent the situation ‘going back to square one’.
   - PS Cluster Buster has a Shelf Life of 24 years + (with no deterioration!!)

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Cluster BusterTM has proven itself over 24 years to be the only way to safely and completely eliminate the Cluster Fly Problem - completely, year after year.
As you contemplate this prudent investment, we thought you might be interested in reading just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we receive:

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 [ Contact info is removed - But many outright offer to have our Customers call them for assurance ]



Oct 21/ 21

Please let me know when you are manufacturing the powder traps again. We purchased several a few years ago and they saved our lives. We were at our wits end dealing with cluster flies and frankly were considering selling the house because NOTHING had worked from store chemicals to very expensive exterminators. We saw the Cluster Busters online an ordered them, not expecting much. They were amazing. We are very disappointed that we can’t purchase new traps to replace the old ones. We hope you will be manufacturing them again very soon.
      Debby & Brian McTeer



Sept 29/20


I am sold on your Cluster Buster. Just got back from South Dakota and am pleased to advise that the traps continue to do the trick.  We have a bunch of dead flies (several weeks of accumulation) in the worst bedroom, but the traps are filling up and accumulating all the flies in other rooms throughout the house.  It's a 110% improvement from last year!  Thanks for all your help.

Tested and proved to eliminate cluster flies by the thousands!





Oct 21/ 21

Just got off the phone with you. You will let us know when the fly traps are available.  We are looking at purchasing a case of 30.

Thanks Graham and Karla Wilson

We have used Powder Fly Traps for many years in our home and have had excellent success in keeping flies at bay. We told our neighbour this product is one that actually does exactly what it claims to do! He agreed.
We have also used the fly traps in our church, an older building that flies would overwhelm in the Summer and Fall. The Powder Fly Traps completely eliminated the problem.
Graham and Karla Wilson
Herschel, Saskatchewan



Oct 20/ 21
Your email made me reflect and ponder. I am so sorry for your loss and thankful for your openness.  I wish you all the best in your endeavor. If you need a representative / contact in the interior of BC my daughter and her partner may be interested. Their community is inundated with cluster flies in winter.
May God Bless You,
Renata K.



Oct 20/ 21

Mr. Clarke,
Please add me to your list for the cluster buster fly traps. I am waiting for them to be available to I can purchase more to replace the old ones.  We live in a wonderful 2 story, white siding farmhouse that will be 100 years old next year. We have lived here now for 34 years.  We have made many changes to the house and love living here, except when there are warm days in late fall and winter.  The cluster flies gather inside around the windows of our stairwell, the back door, and the middle bedroom of our house. I used to sweep them up daily, filling a dustpan each time. They go to other rooms in our house but in fewer numbers. They buzz, they die, they land at unforeseen, embarrassing times (like in food). It is no fun! I tried having my husband re-caulk the windows but it did not help.  Even in rooms where we gutted the walls and had new drywall, they came back.  We tried fly spray but I didn't want to spray rooms every 2 or 3 days! I had never found anything that worked to get rid of these flies until I bought a Cluster Buster Fly Trap to try out. It was amazing! The flies disappeared! I then bought 2 or 3 more and the fly problem was down to 2 or 3 flies here and there occasionally. (If I bought more traps, they would have been gone totally.) These traps worked for several years. When I started seeing a few more flies last year, I decided it was time to replace the old ones. I bought 3 new traps and they all fell off the window - something that had never happened before. Since then, I have been trying to purchase new traps but they are not available. I cannot wait until you go back into production. I will be buying at least 30 as soon as they come out. I have to admit that I am a little nervous to head into fall and winter with none on the windows. I am going to set out the ones that fell off the windows and spilled to see if they can ward off the swarm until I get new ones!
   Thank you for your help,
   Linda Coulter
   Richmond, Kentucky



Oct 19/ 21

Hi Tom. It was good talking to you today and getting the scoop on the cluster buster traps. Please keep me informed as to the future re-start of the cluster buster traps for flies. My boss asked me to pick up 120 traps for our Property and I was sorry to hear they were no longer available for the short term.
Much appreciated, Mark Wilson Stockroom Attendant
Smiley Brothers
DBA Mohonk Mountain House              




Good morning
I’m just enquiring about your cluster buster fly traps.
Do you know when you will be getting any more in stock ?
Or is there an option to pre-order any?   Kind Regards

Point South | Park Plaza | Hayes Way | Heath Hayes | Cannock | Staffordshire | WS12 2DB




Dear Lady Bug Buster,      US PRIVATE DEALER
I want to thank you for your invention. We live in Rural, South Central Kentucky and we had a Asian Beetle (lady bugs) infestation.
When we first moved into our house we noticed at certain times of the year we would have lady bugs coming out of the woodwork (literally). When we replaced out windows there were nests of Asian Beetles in the frame of our windows. We cleaned them out and though that would take care of them. NO!! it did not. It only took care of what was in the frame. Every week we would vacuum up probably a whole vacuum bag full of Asian Beetles.
April 2020, the lady bugs got so bad in our house that it was causing us anxiety. I was outside with the dogs when all of a sudden a swarm (and I mean swarm, like what you would see in the movies swarm) of Asian beetles attacked my head and my dogs. We all ran in the house shaking our head. It was the
scariest thing I ever saw, because I was afraid that swarm would get in the house.
That year the Asian Beetles was the worst we had seen in the 9 years we had lived in this house. Every 10 minutes we were using the vacuum to vacuum up the beetles. Ten minutes later they were back with more of their friends. This went on for a couple of weeks, before we just could not stand it anymore.
I started researching what to do to get rid of the Asian beetles. I found the "Lady Bug Buster" online and purchased two of them. When we received them we put them in two different windows where the infestation seemed to be the worst. We followed the instructions except we used industrial double sided tape, because we live in a humid area and did not want the traps to fall off the windows.
We saw less and less Asian beetles every day and we though it must be a fluke. Within 2-4 weeks we had only a couple of lady bugs, nothing of what we had before. This year we had no lady bugs, except for a few. Usually in the window seals we have to vacuum up the dead carcasses constantly, but this year there was very few Lady Bugs. My husband went out to the camper the other day and there were dead beetles all over the floor and counter.
We have told all our friends about your product and everyone wants them, but we could not find them for sale. How do we become a participating provider to sell your products in the United States?
Please bring back your product

Sincerely Sandy Joscelyn
Pavati Ionized water systems LLC
Sandy and Martin





Aug 3, 2021

Hello again,
This is Karin from New York. We spoke earlier today. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and wanted to put in writing my personal experience with Cluster Buster.  About 5 years ago, I had just had enough of the annoying flies in our windows during the Autumn months.  I did everything, including caulking our windows shut! Nothing worked! So frustrating. When I ordered the Cluster Buster, my husband put them in the 4 windows around the headboard of our bed. After a couple days I thought, oh, that figures, not one damn fly now that I spent the money on these things. After about a week I thought, the timing couldn’t have been THAT coincidental. I took one of the Cluster Busters down and holy moly! THE FLIES inside were amazing! We were thrilled with the contraption that Cluster Buster is. Fast forward to a few days ago. My husband and I thought we had mice in our bedroom ceiling. Uggh! Well, we thought, we live in a field. Oh well. THEN! Yesterday I saw a yellow jacket on the wall near my dresser. I looked over and there were about 20 of them on the windows around our headboard. Again, holy moly! I called my pest control guy and he said look for a hole. Sure enough, there was a hole with wasps in the same area we heard the “mice”. A few hours later when the pest guy arrived, we went into the room and the wasps were gone and only a few dead ones are on the windowsill. What the heck!?! Where did they go and why are these dead? Then I saw the eggshell “dust” from the Cluster Buster on the window sill, on the dead wasps and on the floor. Each Cluster Buster caught DOZENS of WASPS! Unlike the flies, a few wasps were able to escape and die on the windowsill.
Need more proof these things are amazing? See my picture!
Karin T. New York



Oct 12, 2021

Dear Sir,

I just got off the phone with you and am sad that I missed your name. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

We love these powder traps. We found them at a time when the flies in our inn we almost destroying our business. We went to the trouble of trying to fill all holes under the soffets on the out side of the house but until we found powder traps nothing was working. They keep my house and our Inn free of so many flies. They are so effective and clean. We desperately need these traps back. I hope this can happen again soon and you have time and energy to make it happen. I wish I could be of more help.

I wish you all the best,

Lyndi Prendergast (Alberta)


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Now a few from The Early Years ...

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Following placement of the traps on our windows, the masses of cluster flies that were attracted to the windows began to disappear. My wife and I were amazed at the rapidity with which the flies disappeared into the PowderTrapsTM. Within 15 minutes all the flies on our four large windows were trapped with the "Cluster Buster"TM and no longer visible.

It is also very comforting to know that we do not have to be concerned with any pesticide residue since you do not use any chemical in your traps. Thanks again for your great invention.

Best wishes,

John J. Kupa, Professor Emeritus, University of Rhode Island

ECOLOGICAL ASSOCIATES, INC. - Environmental Consultants



Just a comment on your "ClusterBuster" works! Best flycatcher I've seen in years. No messing around with harsh chemicals, or those ugly disgusting sticky tapes. This product is a winner!
Thank you, Jim McLean The Chalet Manitoulin Island


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your product. We haven't had a fly in sight ever since we put up some of your traps. Quite an endorsement from folks who live in an old remodeled farmhouse deep in the woods of Maine. Many thanks! Mary and Lee


This morning the second – not the minute but the very second – I attached my first Cluster BusterTM to a window, a south-facing window, the Cluster BusterTM entrapped its first fly. Congratulations, and thank you, for inventing a much better fly trap. My home is regained – next, Easter weekend, the cottage !
Best regards, J.R. Duncan, Caledon, Ontario, Canada



We put ten Cluster BusterTM traps in our Vermont vacation home in October. What a difference they have made! We no longer spent the first hour we enter the house on weekends vacuuming up flies. Thank the genius who invented this product. We are spreading the news about ClusterBusterTM ! We will be ordering more traps in the future.
Ann F. Morgan



Dear Sirs:
We heard news of your wonderful windowsill gadget that catches flies, and drowns them in eggshell, from a CBC interview. We ordered twelve, for a large house at Ashburn. These have worked perfectly, and there are no flies in the house anymore. We were very very pleased, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great invention. Hooray! No more cluster flies.
Sincerely, Aileen E. Roy Copper Cliff, ON

Dear sirs:
I have received and put into use the ten units you sent to me last week, the results are amazing.
The fly problem, that was so annoying, no longer exists. I truly believe your product has tremendous possibilities and would therefore request you send me your dealer information package so that I might review it, with the idea of adding it to our product line @ FUN PRODUCTS INC.
Your early attention to this matter would be appreciated.


Well Tom, if we had any doubts about your product....we certainly do not now. The flies were starting to gather in the windows of the house and yesterday afternoon we placed a trap in each window (11 in all) This morning there is not a body or a buzz to be seen or heard! The window sills are as clean as we left them yesterday. I thought we were going to have to close down our B & B business during cluster fly season so this is an absolutely phenomenal product you have developed. David is looking forward to talking to you later today (if you have time).
Thank you! Norma Collis. Holly Cottage Owen Sound, ON



I purchased a case of your Cluster Buster Fly Traps a year ago and continue to keep them in one or two windows of our old farm house for the spring and fall seasons. What an amazing invention! Recently I discovered that these crazed flies had found a woodshed window that they loved even better than any
window in the house so they were there by the thousands. I hated to use a Flytrap on such a window but the buzzing was literally driving me crazy so I stuck one there and within minutes the window was clear of flies so now I feel wonderful again! We just returned from the IPM in Navan and fully expected to see your company there. Did I miss you? If you weren't there then you missed a fabulous opportunity to
advertise and sell this wonderful product.

Lois Perth



We have recently discovered your incredible cluster fly trap - it is truly amazing!!! We have had, over the years, had cluster fly problems in our home during the late summer and early fall - problems which last year persisted into the winter. We came across your product a couple of months ago and decided to give it a try and we have been amazed at the results.
Unfortunately we bought up the limited supply in our area and now we are running out with nowhere to get additional traps for the winter. Could you please tell us who in our area (Kinmount Ontario) would have some in stock and, if there is no-one, could we buy direct?
Thanks for your help, Max Radiff 



“In January we moved into an older home (close to 100 yrs old). True to my worst thoughts we soon found ourselves in a major cluster fly problem; especially in the upstairs bedrooms where they actually kept me awake at night. Luckily for my husband, he sleeps through anything and never hears them. They drove me insane!
While reading the Farm & Country magazine at work one day I came across the ad for “Cluster Buster”TM fly traps that were being shown at the farm shows. Although they sounded much too good to be true, I called to order some, received them in the mail shortly afterward, and put them up that night. Within 24 hours the problem was cleared up! In all honesty, I don’t
understand why they work, or how, and I don’t care. What it comes down to is that they are simple to use, are far from being ugly like sticky fly papers, hold tons more flies than sticky paper, and WORK! Since placing my original order, I have ordered more for the downstairs as well. Thank you for finding a solution to a very annoying problem.”
Best regards, Jenn Cousineau, Elmira, Ontario



Hi Tom,
  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your fly traps are wonderful!  I have a 120 year old schoolhouse which we use on the weekends and this is the first year I haven't had to spend hours vacuuming windows and floors every time we arrive. We normally use a mosquito netting over the bed to keep the flies from driving us crazy at night, and we haven't had to bother this year. We still have the odd fly buzzing around, but for the most part, they are now under control. The traps even seem to work on moths that get in at night.

  It's truly AMAZING! Now if I could only find something that works on the clusters of ladybugs that we seem to be plagued with this year, everything would be perfect!!
Thanks again! Will be recommending your product to family and friends...
Shari in Toronto




A few weeks ago I ordered 4 fly traps to see if your claims were true. THEY ARE!!!!
I placed two of the traps in our office and two in our home, NO MORE FLIES!!!!
Within hours of putting up the units, there was peaceful silence, no more buzzing.
I wish I had found these wonderful traps a lot sooner.
Last week I ordered a case of these amazing traps, so that all the people I keep raving to can also enjoy a fly free environment. They may seem a trifle expensive at first, but they are well worth it.
I was also surprised by how fast my orders came through. It is nice to see a Canadian company doing a great job.
Thanks again for a great product and great service too!
Sue Forsythe Pickering, ON




 Hi Tom,

I have had the traps in my windows for 2 days now.  I have not one fly.  None dropping in my food, none dropping on my head while I sit on the couch, none on the windows and none on my computer screen or tv at night.  I don't have to wear slippers any more so I won't step on them. 

I don't think I've ever purchased a product that actually works, and works as well as the advertising says.  Frankly, I don't care if they only last 3 or 4 months, it's still worth it.


Cherryville, B.C.




    We ordered some traps a couple years ago and they worked beautifully.  Our fly problem disappeared but now they are back so I guess we need to replace the old traps. 

    What are your current price structures? 

     Thank you.  

     Sincerely, Harriet and Allan



Date: May 2, 2006 

Subject: Just To Let You Know


  My ladybug busters arrived safely and I just want to tell you that they seem to be working great.  I have a cluster fly one and a ladybug one in the bedroom window and I haven't seen a fly or ladybug since!

Great Idea!


Tim & Patti 



Subject: RE: Cluster Flies

From: Jennifer 

Date: 19-Feb-05 06:56 PM EST

  Hi! I just joined this site and happened upon this post. I too have a problem with cluster flies. There is a non-toxic Canadian invention called 'The Cluster Buster' out there. The flies are trapped in a powdered egg shell type of material inside a trap. There is no noise, no mess and nothing for you to handle or see. Best of all one trap holds loads of flies so you only need to replace them every 6 months or so. You should check out this guys website at (Note - I am not connected to this website or this business either, just someone who has tried and really liked this product)

  Thanks for your time,




 From: Jane 

Date: October 30, 2006 6:13:57 PM EST (CA)

Subject: Cluster Buster Inquiry

I wanted to thank you for your ingenious invention. We tried every retail option available to us (glue traps, sprays, fly traps, etc.) and we even vacuumed our windows several times a day to no avail. Our house was still infested and was starting to resemble a horror movie. When I found the Cluster Buster online, I was skeptical, but was ready to try anything. Within a couple days of putting up the Cluster Buster boxes, the flies were gone! Now, almost as soon as a fly reaches the window it slides down into the trap and is never seen or heard from again. Thank you so much for saving us from what was a very disgusting cluster fly problem!


Boulder, CO


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   We have many more such heartfelt Testimonials arrived over the
decades.  And, over the past 2 year ‘hiatus’ in PowderTrap production,
we gratefully received 63 pages.
   We sincerely appreciate your support during these most trying times.
It provides inspiration for us to take Our Mission forward all across this
Third Stone from The Sun.