What You Need To Know


  We package Cluster Buster™ for Best Economy & Practicality in Kits of 10 & Cases of 30 WHY? Because you need a trap in each & every window with even a few bugs, to Stop Them ALL! during the day, preventing Them from going back to the cracks at night thereby refreshing the Pheromone Trails that say, “Hey Guys! …This is the way IN!”

Each trap holds 1,000 - 1,200 Flies. Each device is 1 part* of The PowderTrap® System * A trap in each afflicted window with even a few flies STOPS! Them ALL, before Sundown 

Failure to Cover the Bases results in seeing the traps you have fill up in Weeks & Months - instead of YEARS ! …

You will NOT get rid of The Problem unless you Break the Cycle { See Service Life, below } ✒ We want you to realize the peerless performance of PowderTrap® Technology - And tell your Friends & Neighbor's!

Selling single traps online garnered the first Negative Reviews ever  

If you truly don't need the whole compliment, perhaps share with a neighbor    { If you have The Problem, likely many others near you do as well }

Or give PowderTrap® - the perfect Gift {esp. a Wedding gift! } … or Better yet for You: *Keep Spares on hand to realize longer & longer service life from your investment.

In fact, many Folks take the larger quantities for considerable Savings, and find themselves becoming a genuinely welcomed Private PowderTrap® Dealer. { Give Us a Call … }    The only ‘maintenance you need is to replace any trap as soon as it fills - {some fill before others*} < Don’t let the situation go back to Square One! > * Service Life: 1st set averages 2 years, 2nd - 3 - 4 years / then 3rd set up to 6 years+ !

NOTE: There is something from The Flies that corrodes the motor bearings in your vacuum cleaner. For cost of 1 vacuum cleaner - usually within 1 day - you can Forget You Ever Had a ClusterFly Problem! 

🌟The PowderTrap® SYSTEM actually works! { Please see TESTIMONIALS } It works continuously from year to year, at a Cost roughly 15% of the cost of any other expedient.

PowderTrap® does not believe in Built-In-Obsolescence

 Cluster Buster™ has a proven Shelf Life of 24+ years!!! 

NOTE: Relative to ‘Other Services’ a single Cluster BusterTM

has comparative value of $500+ !

 When given The Choice, there is no choice! PowderTrap® is All Positives / No Negatives ~ And this is what we need in our World. Right Now! Isn’t it? Especially to Get Rid of Our Window Pest Problems Congratulations

            - You Have found  "The Cure! "